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Are your agents trained in HIPAA Compliance?
Yes.  MedPro is very knowledgeable about HIPAA Compliance and make it our top priority to have agents trained in HIPAA before getting on the calls.  We understand the importance of secure messaging and have gone out of our way to make it accessible to our clients. Talk to one of our account managers today to get more information about our HIPAA compliant answering service options.
What can I count on you for?
Client focused quality answering. Here at MedPro, we are dedicated to the Medical Professionals and have been since 1985.  We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of the doctors, clinics, hospitals and medical service providers.  Let us partner with you and provide service to your specifications.
Do you provide secure messaging?
Yes, MedPro has a phone app that provides secure messaging as well as a web portal that is accessible to customers.
What is the MedPro difference?
With our medical experience dating back to 1985 after being founded by doctors, we definitely know the medical industry. At MedPro we also prepare for the unexpected, with several backup sites (all in the US), we can still take calls if the power goes out.  We understand that a call can be life or death and make sure we are always prepared to take that call.
Can you answer more than one call at once?
MedPro has multiple skilled agents always on the phone.  We work around the clock and provide coverage to make sure all calls are answered.  Our systems can handle multiple calls coming in at once as can our agents.
Do you ever close?
MedPro knows that your patients depend on us 24/7 and because of that we don’t close.  Holidays, weekends, power outages, storms, we have the backup and staff to make sure your calls are still answered.

See what our customers say.

“The MedPro team is always accurate, clear and compassionate.  We have relied on them for years and will continue to.”

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