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Private Practice Answering

With MedPro’s private practice answering service, you can trust that your patients are in good hands.  We know that as a private practice physician, you spend your days treating patients and your staff is busy providing customer service to those in your office.

For your patients that are calling in to schedule an appointment or have a question, have MedPro answer their calls.  Our operators are HIPAA Certified and trained extensively in customer service.  With us answering your calls, your staff can focus on patients in front of them.

Our team becomes a part of your team, learning what calls are emergencies, what requires escalation and how you like your messages delivered.  Around the clock, you can count on the experience of MedPro to provide your patients with the customer service they expect.

MedPro allows easier on call scheduling and contact list management through our web portal. Our team can also schedule appointments for your staff, allowing your team to focus on patients in the office and deliver the care your hospital is committed to.

Why MedPro?

Agents – HIPAA Certified and trained in patient care, your calls are their top priority.

Technology – With HIPAA secure messaging options, we help doctors manage their messages.

Experience – After 30 years, we are experts at answering medical calls.

See what our customers say.

“Every time I call with any changes or new locations, MedPro has the changes made in 30 minutes or less.”

Jeanine Kidney Care

Frequently Asked Questions

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