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Time Management in 2016

Achieve better time management skills in 2016 by hiring your practice a live answering service.  More specifically, by hiring MedPro to be your live answering service.

Sometimes you may find that you get calls throughout the day that bring up new concerns or issues, or that end up having you page someone for another 5-10 minutes.  Maybe you stay on the phone to answer that patient’s questions or concerns.  This simple daily task, leads to distraction and losing time in the day.

Many people forget about the time that goes into diving into a task, getting focused, finding where you were in a project.  On average we take about 2 minutes to pick up where we left off if we stepped away for 10 minutes.  If we stepped away for 10-15 minutes, we take about five minutes to pick up where we were last.

How many times are you taken away from your work on a daily basis, to return distracted and losing even more time?

When you hire an answering service to answer your calls, know that you can get back time in the day for answering calls, but staying focused.

Time management can be better managed with a variety of tools we offer your practice too.

  • Appointment Setting – MedPro can keep your calendar busy without you even picking up the phone.  We will schedule your appointments, based on your availability and the time it takes for different appointments.
  • On-Call Schedule Management – You can just send over your schedule through our web portal or fax it over and we will make the changes.
  • Messages to Phone – Our secure messaging isn’t just through our web portal, you can receive messages directly to your phone. Don’t worry about checking for messages several times a day, they will be sent to you directly as they come through.

MedPro is ready to answer your calls and take care of your patients.  Call us at 815-744-1234 to start today.

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