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Mental Health Answering

Our staff at MedPro understands the importance level of every medical and mental health call.  With experience in mental health and crisis lines, our operators are trained to assist your patients and escalate calls as needed.  MedPro agents will help your clients and callers feel comfortable.

Our team has the empathy and knowledge to help your patients and callers when they need it most.  We understand the nature of crisis line calls and the significance they have.

MedPro is personalized for your clients needs and completely confidential.  With HIPAA Compliance at the forefront of our business operations, know your patient’s information is secure.

Why MedPro?

Agents – Our agents are extensively trained in patient care and customer service.  All agents are HIPAA Certified and kept up to date on industry knowledge and HIPAA Compliance.

Technology – MedPro employs a 24/7 support team to keep our systems up and ready for your calls.

Experience – With over 30 years of experience and over 250 customers, MedPro understands the importance of your calls.


See what our customers say.

“The MedPro team is always accurate, clear and compassionate.  We have relied on them for years and will continue to.”

Dr. Jones Surgeon

Frequently Asked Questions

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